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Satvik Yadav


Entrepreneur 20 • London - Designer, Founder, Film Maker  🇬🇧 It's What You Do in the Dark, 🍷 That Puts You in the Light www.satvikyadav.com


Toronto, Canada Travel Guide – FORTH News Travel

The city of Toronto is the biggest city of Canada. Toronto is also called Queen City. Toronto is a Versatile city it is high rising, interesting and a mix of cultures from across the globe. Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian state of Ontario. It is the most populous city in Canada as of now and it is also the 4th most populous city in North America.
2021 March, 1 1413

Belfast, United Kingdom Travel Guide 2021 – FORTH News Travel

Belfast is the capital and is also the largest city of Northern Ireland. Belfast played an important role in the Industrial Revolution in Ireland during the 19th century. Belfast used to be the birthplace of the famous ship RMS Titanic which struck an iceberg and sunk in the year of 1912; Belfast was once one of the most dangerous cities on the planet. At the time of the Industrial Revolution, Belfast became an important port for Ireland. From one of the finest Irish Linen production to Shipbuilding, the city had most of the key industries based. The Harland and Wolff shipyard, which built the Great RMS Titanic...
2021 March, 2 1055

12 Wardrobe Essentials that will Never Go out of Style

Fashion in modern era is constantly changing and getting updated on a faster pace than never before. Styles and apparels that used to be trendy and were cool once upon a time are now getting laughed upon. Take the example of Lace-Up Jeans or Hand and Leg warmers. As we all know that the Fashion Industry is very volatile in nature and trends keep changing from time-to-time yet some of the styles and trends stay on and along for a very long time. We at FORTH compiled a list of clothes and accessories that we believe can never be out of style as...
2021 March, 6 1634

Tibetan Laping Noodles, a traditional Summer Cuisine

Laping is also known as Laphing, Laffi, Laphi or Lhaphing but just not Laughing okay.. Laping is a form of noodle dish which is spicy in taste and has a kick to it. It is made by using very few different ingredients and its taste is spicy like it includes flavors of chilli oils and some garlic accents which come from the sauces used in making it...
2021 March, 12 2014

Life Lessons from Vincent Van Gogh

Life lessons from the renowned artist and painter Vincent van Gogh on Risks, Mistakes, Fears, feeling and how all of these motivates us to keep moving in life and keep doing better. Life may appear without meaning sometimes, sometimes we can't see any purpose in it or motivation no create or just live up with all joy, but a person of energy, warmth, humility and faith always...
2021 March, 17 1886

Mogilev, Belarus Travel Guide – FORTH News Travel

The city of Mogilev has the area of 118,5 km ² and is the 6th on the list of biggest Belarusian cities. In addition, more than 50% of the territory is counted as agricultural land. The Mogilev region is one of the major industrial regions of the country. It specializes in manufacturing of such products as elevators, steel pipes, cement, slate, synthetic fibers and filaments...
2021 March, 20 1429

What is “The Firm” of the British Royal Family

The Firm of Eight is an inner circle of the Royals including The Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Countess Sophie Rhys-Jones. These are the key eight people in the elite inner circle of the British royal family, they are the ones who...
2021 March, 22 1511

Vjosa - The Largest Wild River of Europe is now in Danger

#VjosaNationalParkNOW The Vjosa is the only natural wild river which is vastly left untouched by human made tech among the rivers of the entire European region. Unlike other major rivers which flow in Europe, Vjosa doesn’t have large Hydroelectric power plants or any such damns on it. However, the only human made technology it is influenced by is an...
2021 March, 29 1617

Donald Trump is planning to launch his own Social Network

Donald Trump has hinted the people of America and the world about the plans for launching a Social Media platform of his own in the near future of 2021. But did not reveal any possible time or date for same neither shared further details about this new business he is planning to expand into...
2021 March, 30 1381

How often should I Wash Denim Jacket?

Cleaning or washing your denim jean jacket depends highly upon how frequently you use it. The normal jeans or denim trousers are advised to be washed after 10 wears. The denim jackets generally should be washed once in 6 months or so. If you wear your denim jacket on a usual basis it can start to smell, but frequent washing of this garment will lead to the weakening of the fabric and the jacket will...
2021 April, 4 2072

How to Loosen or Relax Elastic in Socks or Clothes

The Elastic of tight socks, highs or in garments can create not only temporary marks on the body but also cause discomfort and irritation. In some cases it can restrict proper blood circulation and can cause swelling as well. Loosing these elastics can also be required to acquire a better fit in these clothes. This guide will explore the best option to loosen elastics in socks or clothes...
2021 April, 10 1714

How to Take Timelapse Video by iPhone or iPad

How to make a video timelapse. The Time-lapse feature was introduced on iPhones since the iOS 8 launch included in iPhone 6. Apple’s iOS 8 Operating system was launched on the date of 17th September 2014. The Apple’s iOS 8 is compatible with the modern iPhones and iPad, Following the introduction of the iOS 8 in the Apple era...
2021 April, 16 173

President Joe Biden's Goals for the year 2021

President Joe Biden got inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States of America on January 20th 2021. There were the times when America faced economic crises and the global pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19. Joe Biden made a plan of fulfilling his visions for rebuilding America and helping all communities that are part of this humble nation...
2021 April, 20 66

Why Nigeria loves to Overachieve and Excel

The capital city of Nigeria is Abuja but the city of Lagos which is another major city in Nigeria is set to be the largest city in the world by the year 2100. The people of Nigeria have a keen winner mindset that can be seen and noticed not only in Nigeria but also in countries to which the Nigerian people migrated to. Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country and also holds the biggest and strongest economy in whole...
2021 April, 22 189

How to make a Go Bag for COVID – Making Bug-Out bag for Pandemic

The key to surviving critical and life-threatening situation is preparedness. In situations of a pandemic or epidemic or any such medical emergencies. Keeping such a Go-Bag prepared will give you some confidence and you will not be worried or stressed when such situations happen. Even if you are sure that all will be normal in future or you are not planning to go anywhere, having a Bug-Out bag ready can become a difference between life and death...
2021 April, 26 166

DIY - How to Purify Water in Emergency by using a Plastic bottle

The purest form of water is just the H2O molecule but it is hard to get hold of. Water contains many bacteria, microorganisms, chemicals, dirt and other impurities. By the purification process many minerals (That can be healthy), impurities, microbes, bacteria and chemicals (That are unhealthy) are removed from water thus making is much safer to drink or use...
2021 May, 3 114

Majuro, Marshall Islands - FORTH Cities Guide

Majuro or Mājro as in the Marshallese language, It is capital of Marshall Islands. Majuro also is largest city of Marshall Islands. Marshall Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean. This Atoll forms the Ratak Chain of Legislative district of Marshall Islands; Ratak Chain translates to Sunrise chain. The Area of this Atoll is about 9.6 km2 which is 3.68 square miles of land. The lagoon enclosed by this atoll is 295 kilometres square which is 114 square miles of waters...
2021 May, 6 280

How are Atolls Formed

When the larvae of tropical corals start free swimming in the waters, they start searching for a new considerable place to settle. This is the planktonic stage of the life cycle of a coral. When these larvae if coral find a suitable spot for settlement, usually underwater rocks or hard submerged surfaces, they...
2021 May, 9 148

What is Atoll

Then the free swimming corals that are looking for a place of new settlement get attached to this volcanic island and start growing and expanding. Thus, forming a coral reef around the volcanic island. These corals which are formed around this volcanic island are called hermatypic coral, these are a type of hard structured corals...
2021 May, 10 115

How Humans have been utilizing the Atolls

Most Atolls have a very low elevation over the sea level, thus mostly they stay hidden under waves or tides. This makes them a threat to ships and boats sailing in the nearby waters. This problem persisted similarly for ancient ships to the modern high-tech naval vessels. So far, more than thousands of ships got struck and wrecked on these semi invisible types of...
2021 May, 16 296

All about Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands - FORTH Cities Guide

Bikini Atoll or Pikinni Atoll in Marshallese language means the coconut place, The Bikini Atoll is also known as Eschscholtz Atoll especially in the years from 1800 to 1946. The Bikini Atoll is on the north side of the Ralik Island Chain of Marshall Islands; It is 770 km (480 miles) NW of Majuro. Majuro is the capital of the Marshall Islands. In 1946, the native people living on Bikini Atoll/ Pikinni Atoll were moved to other locations as the U.S. Government was conducting 23 Nuclear weapons tests on Bikini atoll in an Operation codenamed Operation Crossroads and these atomic weapons tests continued till...
2021 May, 23 1038

Nuclear Weapons Testing at Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

2021 May, 26 666

Pacific Proving Grounds - U.S. Nuclear weapons Testing in Pacific Ocean

Pacific Proving Grounds is the designated name of multiple test sites located mainly in Marshall Islands as well as multiple other locations in Pacific Ocean. These nuclear testing locations are collectively designated as Pacific Proving Grounds by the United States of America. American Nuclear test programs that took place in the years from 1946 to 1962...
2021 June, 8 432

Operation Hardtack - 1 United States' Nuclear Test Series (1958)

As the Cold War was raging, the arms and space race between the United States of America and the Soviet Union continued to escalate further on and on. The weapons development, research and productions of both superpowers was on a record higher pace in 1958. A total of 77 Atomic tests were conducted by the United States Department of Defense in 1958, this was more than any other...
2021 June, 8 815

OPERATION CROSSROADS – United States’ Nuclear Test Series (1946)

Operation Crossroads started on 1st July 1946 and officially ended on 25th July 1946. This Operation was part of the Manhattan Project and was conducted the first detonations of nuclear weapons since the 1945 Nagasaki bombings by the United States of America. As America and its other Allied...
2021 June, 10 962

OPERATION CASTLE – United States’ Nuclear Test Operation of 1954

Operation Castle was the codename of Nuclear weapons test series that was conducted by the United States of America after the Operation Crossroads. Operation Castle started with...
2021 June, 12 1087

The Ultimate Maastricht, Netherlands Travel Guide - FORTH Cities Guide

The beautiful city of Maastricht is the capital city of Limburg state in south eastern Netherlands. Maastricht is located in the south Limburg; the river Meuse flows through this city and divides it into two parts. Maastricht has a population of more than one hundred thirty thousand people. Every year many tourists from...
2021 June, 27 621

De Ultieme Maastricht, Nederland Reisgids - FORTH City Guide

De prachtige stad Maastricht is de hoofdstad van de staat Limburg in het zuidoosten van Nederland. Maastricht ligt in het zuiden van Limburg; de rivier de Maas stroomt door deze stad en verdeelt deze in twee delen. Maastricht heeft ruim honderddertigduizend inwoners. Elk jaar bezoeken veel toeristen van over de hele wereld Maastricht om te genieten van de toeristische attracties zoals de prachtige..
2021 July, 11 319

How to Loosen Tight Socks

This article will explore and answer for all the answers on how to stretch, loose or relax any elastic placed on or inside any clothing garments. We will answer on all questions such As How To Loosen Tight Socks ? Or Loosen Elastic On Socks, How To Loosen Socks, How To Loosen Elastic, How To Stretch Tight Elastic On Socks, How To Loosen Sock Elastic, How To Relax Elastic..
2021 July, 13 6599

Guide de voyage de Toronto, Canada – FORTH News VOYAGE Travel

une ville polyvalente, elle est en plein essor, intéressante et mélange de cultures du monde entier. Toronto est la capitale de l'État canadien de l'Ontario. C'est la ville la plus peuplée du Canada à l'heure actuelle et c'est aussi la 4e ville la plus peuplée d'Amérique du...
2021 July, 15 377

How to Cook Vegetables Without Losing Vitamins and Nutrients

Consuming enough vegetables and fruits in their daily diet is relatively important for humans. We are taught to eat more vegetables since we are kids and same is “promoted” by our parents at home and by teachers at school. All kinds of vegetables have different nutritional values and they provide equally unique...
2021 July, 16 456

What Shoes Width Sizes Mean: AAA, AA, E, EE, EEE, D, and DD

As per the standard American shoe sizes of width and length there are a total of 9 sizes available in order to measure the width of shoes. These nine shoe width sized range between sizes AAA to size EEE. Size AAA being the most narrow shoe size and the size EEE is the most wide shoe size. Show width size D is medium wide and for women shoes sizes, the size B is considered...
2021 July, 18 3808

What a good relationship should consist of

Good Relationships are healthy, exciting, motivating, purposeful, supportive in almost all aspects of life and the list goes on and on. However some or nowadays most people miss this from life and cannot recognize or deliver on the responsibilities and efforts a healthy...
2021 July, 20 325

Havana Syndrome - Unexplainable illness spread in US embassies across world

Havana Syndrome - Unexplainable and Mysterious illness that is spread across American embassies across the world. More than 15 Cases have been Found at the US Embassy and CIA Staff posted in Vienna...
2021 October, 30 156

China is building mock-up warships of the U.S. Navy - Satellite Images prove

Chinese government has emphasised its military capability in recent years and the primary reason for same are the rising tensions over South China Sea, As the presence of US Navy and other NATO elements continue to increase in the Indo-Pacific region, The Chinese military's intentions and capabilities are critically concerning the United States...
2021 November, 19 313

United States is highly concerned over Russia's intentions about Ukraine, Antony Blinken

Antony Blinken, The United States Secretary of State has denied that the Central Intelligence Agency has sufficient intel to believe that the Russian Federation and its president Vladimir Putin have plans to seize and capture land from Ukrainian territory...
2021 November, 29 115

Kazakhstan Protests of 2022, Civil Unrest in Kazakhstan

The Kazakhstan Protests of 2022 started on 2 January 2022 and ended on 11 January 2022 (so far). Kazakhstan is a former Soviet country that is located in the central Asian region. Kazakhstan has been gripped by severe unprecedented and uncontrolled mass civil unrest which continues to grow...
2022 January, 12 289

Russia is planning False-Flag operation for excuse to Invade Ukraine

The recent warning from The White House with the intel that was backed by the United States’ Intelligence agencies; that the crisis in Ukraine can escalate further very quickly. The United States believes ...
2022 January, 19 248

США дуже стурбовані намірами Росії щодо України - FORTH News

Держсекретар США Ентоні Блінкен заперечує, що Центральне розвідувальне управління має достатньо інформації, щоб вважати, що Російська Федерація та її президент Володимир Путін мають плани захоплення та захоплення земель на території України...
2022 January, 27 199

2022 жылғы Қазақстан наразылықтары, Қазақстандағы азаматтық толқулар

2022 жылғы қазақстандық наразылықтар 2022 жылдың 2 қаңтарында басталып, 2022 жылдың 11 қаңтарында аяқталды (әзірге)...
2022 January, 12 171

ARMA Reforger game Leaks, Proofs, Release date and more…

Some new updates regarding the famous military simulator game series ARMA. Arma Reforger is officially confirmed as few weeks ago details about the infusion engine were unveiled to an official website...
2022 February, 4 1228

What are different ways to say please or thanks to someone

Most of us learn saying please and thanks to other people at a very early age in our lives, parents teach children to thank others and say please or apologise when they did wrong. However as we progress in our lives and grow up, just those phrases...
2022 February, 8 376

How to write a family reunion thank you note and what should I use

Family reunions are fun, joyful, memorable word nice events. But they do require a lot of house cleaning, preparation, planning for family reunion and contacting all members of family...
2022 February, 10 1148

Convert 3 Quarts to Litres, Measure 3 Quarts in Litres at home

When we are cooking or baking, measuring accurately is a very important part of this process. For accurate measurement, we should make sure to level the liquid up in containers so we can determine the quantity of liquids correctly. When we are measuring liquids...
2022 February, 12 369

How to measure How many cups is 3 Quarts, at home or in Kitchen

To convert 3 quarts to cups or 3 quarts to litres, simply Take measuring cup and fill it with liquid you want to measure. While filling measuring cup 3 quarts that fluid is leveled and the mug/cup is placed on surface pro, insure right and accurate measurement...
2022 February, 15 302

How to apologise while keeping up your pride, Apologize with pride

how to keep our pride and apologise, acknowledge feelings to yourself - too much pride to Apologize, We should tell ourselves & acknowledge fact that saying sorry or apologizing will be hard and it will feel like we are letting-go of pride, we should share that for us...
2022 February, 17 510

How to Write a Letter to Someone Who Has Betrayed You

How do l write letter to someone who betrayed me, It is normal to feel upset or a bit angry when you have to write a letter to someone who has betrayed you or you feel that this person was betrayed you, writing a letter to such people...
2022 February, 21 563

Arma Reforger - Release before Arma 4, Cold War throwback game made on Enfusion Engine

Arma Reforger - release before Arma 4, cold war based throwback game made to test new Enfusion Engine. Arma Reforger leak, leaker from Bohemia Interactive has stated on internet (twitter) multiple times that new Arma game is under planing that is currently called "Arma Reforger". The leaker who is revealing...
2022 February, 21 1447

Cowboy Hats: Iconic Style and Enduring Legacy

Explore cowboy hats' rich history, timeless style, and cultural significance. Discover why cowboy hats have become enduring symbols of rugged individualism and Western heritage, from their origins in the Wild West to their place in modern fashion. Visit Forth News to read the full story.
2023 July, 23 709

3 Quarts to Cups: A Practical Conversion for Cooking and Baking

Master the art of converting 3 quarts to cups effortlessly. Whether scaling recipes or fine-tuning your baking precision, Forth News helps you by providing practical insights and easy-to-follow steps. Discover the equivalence between quarts and cups, and confidently measure liquids. Read more at the website.
2023 July, 24 740

How to Achieve Extra Crispy Lettuce: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Make Lettuce Extra Crispy When it comes to salads, sandwiches, and wraps; a refreshing crunch of crispy lettuce is a healthy delight. In this article, we'll explore multiple tips, techniques, and methods to get that extra-crispy lettuce.
2023 July, 29 445

How to cook Chinese Lettuce: All recipes and steps

Chinese lettuce is also known as "woju" or "wosun," is a popular and versatile vegetable in Oriental cuisine. Its tender leaves and mild flavor make it a great ingredient for various dishes.. In this article, we will learn how to cook Chinese lettuce in different recipes, allowing you to infuse your meals with the authentic taste of China.
2023 July, 30 349