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China is building mock-up warships of the U.S. Navy - Satellite Images prove

china 19 November, 2021 13:18HRS

Chinese government has emphasised its military capability in recent years and the primary reason for same are the rising tensions over South China Sea, As the presence of US Navy and other NATO elements continue to increase in the Indo-Pacific region, The Chinese military's intentions and capabilities are critically concerning the United States.

Images received by satellites clearly show that China has built Aircraft Carrier, Frigates, Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) and multiple other ships's mock-ups, the reason behind the construction of these mock-ups of American naval vessels is most probably to practice military drills on them for assault on these ships or to take over these U.S. Naval ships.

As tensions between China and The United States can rise rapidly, The Chinese government and Chinese Military wants to be prepared for extreme conflicts with the presence of forces in the South China Sea and Indo-Pacific region.

Satellite imagery shows Aerial view of mock up of a U.S. Navy's L.H.D. (Landing Helicopter Dock) which is a form of an Aircraft carrier and also a mock up of U.S. Navy destroyer ship is clearly seen in this region. These mock-ups of American warships are located in the North western desert region of China called Xinjiang region.

More precisely the location of these US Navy mockup ships in China is in Ruoqiang, which is a county in the Taklamakan Desert present in the North West of Xinjiang region of China.

As per the information and statement provided to us by an Independent United States Navy Institute states: The mock ups of the U.S. Navy Ships are part of Chinese Government's plan to create a new target and operations practice range for the People's Liberation Army of China.

As these satellite images are not clear enough to demonstrate all the details, structures and elements that are present on these mock-ups of U.S. Warships, but the (U.S.N.I.) United States Naval Institute recognised structures and certain features on the mock up of the destroyer ship that look like the exhaust funnels and primary weapon systems of this warship.

Wang Wenbin, who is the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry of China, has stated that - He has no information or any details regarding the images and satellite footage which show that the Chinese area building life-size replicas of American navy ships. He added that he is not even aware or has any knowledge about the topic and situation that is being discussed.

The government and military of the People's republic of china has focused on strategies to counter and effectively defend against American and other U.S. coalition naval forces.

This strategy of countering U.S. naval warships will include but not limit to research and development (R&D) of Surface based like Sea and Land launched missile systems and Air launched Anti-Ship Missile systems. The primary purpose of these missile systems is to strike and sink enemy ships. Among these missile systems that are developed by china, the most concerning is a Chinese ballistic missile called DF-21 D, the DF 21 is also called the Aircraft carrier killer ballistic missile.

The United States Navy is still more stronger the its Chinese rivals, U.S. Navy has its assets and forces deployed in the Indo Pacific region (The South China Sea), Persian Gulf (Close to Iran and Iraq), Mediterranean Sea (North Africa and South European region) and various other smaller deployment locations across the earth.

What the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff said after going through these intelligence reports-

The Chairman of (J.C.O.S) Joint Chiefs of Staff stated that the Chinese have also developed a hypersonic missile that exits the earth's atmosphere after launch, then partially orbits the earth in the outer space and then this hypersonic weapon re-enters the Earth's atmosphere to further glide towards the target it is supposed to strike, this weapon system is capable of hitting moving targets and is highly manoeuvrable.

Additionally Beijing reported to press that the device it is testing is a form of a reusable space vehicle and not a hypersonic missile system, But as per the reports from the United States Central Intelligence Agency and other American Intelligence services the tested weapon system is specifically designed to evade through the U.S. missile defense systems and destroy any target way beyond that missile threat secure zone.

This hypersonic cruise missile test that was conducted by china was close to a Sputnik Moment as it made the United States understand that it is not getting technologically inferior to other nations.

The Escalating situations between China and Taiwan:

Beijing has increased the number of military and cargo flights to and from the regions close to Taiwan in the South China Sea region, Taiwan is a self governing republic which is under Chinese claims to be a Chinese territory, China has been claiming Taiwan as Chinese territory and even there have been speculations that China can annex Taiwan by force just as Russia annexed Crimea. American Government actively provides Taiwan with U.S. made weapon systems and in general most of the weaponry that Taiwan has.

The United States Department of Defence, Pentagon has reported that China is quickly increasing the number of its Nuclear weapons far quickly than United States Military is growing its nuclear capabilities. As per the current situations and analysis of the Defence expending and Military capabilities (including nuclear weapons technology) clearly shows that China can be a global superpower and surpass the United States as early as 2050.

The People's Liberation Army of China is advancing its concepts and military capabilities which are rapidly strengthening the ability of Chinese military forces to fight against much stronger forces like that on the United States.

Chinese Navy is also increasing number of Ships and other naval vessels at a far higher rate than the United States. Most of these Ships and vessels are going to be deployed in the South China Sea.

These Satellite images that show that the Chinese are building Life sized mock-ups of U.S. Warships give the world and the United States increase in concern about the Intentions of Chinese Government and its Military forces. These concerns include a possibility of military conflict sometime in future between United States of America and China in this region, such a conflict can be devastating not only for the nations but also for the global economy as the conflict will drastically increase political issues and economical crisis situations for the whole World.

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