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The FORTH News was established mainly to report about all the news and incidents which were generally ignored by the main-stream media and news organizations. Later as we progressed further in our work in journalism and global news reporting we found more problems and darker areas in this sector of global news, journalism, incident reporting, breaking news, and fake news or fake information widespread across the world. As we found about these issues we started expanding our organization to specifically target each of those issues and find a proper solution for them on our platform, And we did so. In the year 2019.

Now FORTH is not just a news or multimedia company anymore, now we are a Global Informations Platform where anything from International news all the way to "How To" articles and documentaries are present on any topic you can think of. We believe in truth and therefore to eradicate all misinformation you can think of, we try our maximum best to insure that every word of information present on our platform stays completely correct and to the point, always.

At FORTH we report Daily News, Breaking News, Category based News, International Incidents, Live broadcasts, Documentaries, Short Films, How To Articles, Information Articles, Guidance Articles, Reviews, Advisory Articles, Videos on all topics we are operational on, Podcasts, Quick News briefs, Short News articles, Incident reports, Government operation reports, Whistleblower Documents, Semi-Classified documents, Satellite or Map based news and situation reports including global travel advisory and guidance, Content on self improvement and life.

We have divided all of our content in certain categories so it can be easy to navigate for our users based on their interest, there categories as of now are: GLOBAL, BUSINESS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, FOOD, GAMING, TRAVEL, LIFESTYLE, POLITICS, UNITED NATIONS, FASHION, HEALTH, SPORTS, ENVIRONMENT, INVESTIGATIONS, TECHNOLOGY, MEDIA, CULTURE, ENTERTAINMENT . Our aim is to have presence in every country and in all languages with news and information presence from all those countries. We are working to be the most trusted and reliable source of any news or information present on the internet, present in all forms of content including, text, images, audio or videos.

We give the power to share in hands of our users. As a user you can simply share your content by submitting it to us from your POST button, we cross check all user-made content to insure it is upto our standards and is completely correct and then we publish it on their behalf. And similar as YouTube we Paypal our users 70% of money generated from their articles or content. This not only allows us to gather more information and content from across the world but also to give our global users a source of employment or income. Learn more about our Partner program here.

A user can further apply to work directly at The FORTH News either from distance or from our HQ in London, United Kingdom. Learn more about working at FORTH here.