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How are Atolls Formed

When the larvae of tropical corals start free swimming in the waters, they start searching for a new considerable place to settle. This is the planktonic stage of the life cycle of a coral. When these larvae if coral find a suitable spot for settlement, usually underwater rocks or hard submerged surfaces, they...

2021 May, 9 148

DIY - How to Purify Water in Emergency by using a Plastic bottle

The purest form of water is just the H2O molecule but it is hard to get hold of. Water contains many bacteria, microorganisms, chemicals, dirt and other impurities. By the purification process many minerals (That can be healthy), impurities, microbes, bacteria and chemicals (That are unhealthy) are removed from water thus making is much safer to drink or use...

2021 May, 3 114

How to make a Go Bag for COVID – Making Bug-Out bag for Pandemic

The key to surviving critical and life-threatening situation is preparedness. In situations of a pandemic or epidemic or any such medical emergencies. Keeping such a Go-Bag prepared will give you some confidence and you will not be worried or stressed when such situations happen. Even if you are sure that all will be normal in future or you are not planning to go anywhere, having a Bug-Out bag ready can become a difference between life and death...

2021 April, 26 166

President Joe Biden's Goals for the year 2021

President Joe Biden got inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States of America on January 20th 2021. There were the times when America faced economic crises and the global pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19. Joe Biden made a plan of fulfilling his visions for rebuilding America and helping all communities that are part of this humble nation...

2021 April, 20 66

Vjosa - The Largest Wild River of Europe is now in Danger

#VjosaNationalParkNOW The Vjosa is the only natural wild river which is vastly left untouched by human made tech among the rivers of the entire European region. Unlike other major rivers which flow in Europe, Vjosa doesn’t have large Hydroelectric power plants or any such damns on it. However, the only human made technology it is influenced by is an...

2021 March, 29 1617

Tibetan Laping Noodles, a traditional Summer Cuisine

Laping is also known as Laphing, Laffi, Laphi or Lhaphing but just not Laughing okay.. Laping is a form of noodle dish which is spicy in taste and has a kick to it. It is made by using very few different ingredients and its taste is spicy like it includes flavors of chilli oils and some garlic accents which come from the sauces used in making it...

2021 March, 12 2014

Technologies which Defined this Decade of 2010-2020

This decade has done a lot for us in the technology sector. Although the ending wasn’t what we hoped for, the story of technology during this decade is the story of gadgets going from the corners of our lives to everywhere all the time. The Gadgets which helped us advance to the next phase of our civilisation. From VR Gaming to the Mic Industry, we have seen enormous changes from when the devices first came out. So here we are making a list of the decade’s most important and influential gadgets...

2021 March, 8 1115
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