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Havana Syndrome - Unexplainable illness spread in US embassies across world

austria 30 October, 2021 17:53HRS

Havana Syndrome - Unexplainable and Mysterious illness that is spread across American embassies across the world

More than 15 Cases have been Found at the US Embassy and CIA Staff posted in Vienna, Austria. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has fired the Vienna chief for taking this matter of Havana Syndrome sickness lightly.

As of this updated report from the United States Embassy in Austria, Dozens of Havana illness cases have been reported in the Vienna to CIA officers, U.S. Embassy staff and their families, but reportedly the C.I.A. section chief of Vienna took no action.

The American Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) has sacked its Vienna station chief. The Central Intelligence Agency’s station chief of Vienna, Austria has been accused of not taking serious action after being informed multiple times about the increase in Havana syndrome cases at the American diplomatic mission in Vienna, Austria. In the U.S. Embassy, Vienna; reports were made about more than a dozen of cases of Havana Syndrome that involved multiple CIA officers, many American embassy staff and their families, but the chief almost neglected the rise in reports of increase in this mysterious and unexplainable strange sickness called the Havana Syndrome, and was insensitive to people who were suffering from this mysterious syndrome.

How did Havana Syndrome got its name?

The Havana syndrome got its name “Havana” because its major symptoms were first found and reported in the Cuban capital, Havana. In this strange syndrome, multiple symptoms that include bleeding nose, severe headache, loss of vision are noticed, these symptoms are similar to those felt during a head injury.

So far Efforts continue to provide treatment to patients of this mysterious sickness that has no origin but affects the American embassies and U.S. diplomatic missions across the globe.A C.I.A. spokesman declined to comment on whether the report was true or false and also did not answer to any of our questions or queries about this case and Havana Syndrome, but the anonymous Central Intelligence Agency’s employee said that the CIA takes this matter seriously of this mysterious illness in America's diplomatic missions around the world. The US government, including the CIA, United States Department of Defence and the Pentagon, are making rapid and serious efforts to investigate the strange disease and provide necessary treatment to patients who are suffering from it.

The Causes and sources of this mysterious illness is not yet knownDeputy Director of CIA David Cohen stated in September 2021 that the primary cause or the main source of Havana Syndrome are not yet known.

Deputy Director Cohen also said- “ Have we come close? I think yes. “

But the Agencies of The United States have yet not come close in the investigations to give detailed explanations for the causes of this syndrome to the people who are waiting or have them or their family members suffering from Havana Sickness.

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