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What Shoes Width Sizes Mean: AAA, AA, E, EE, EEE, D, and DD

australia 18 July, 2021 8:36HRS

As per the standard American shoe sizes of width and length there are a total of 9 sizes available in order to measure the width of shoes. These nine shoe width sized range between sizes AAA to size EEE. Size AAA being the most narrow shoe size and the size EEE is the most wide shoe size. Show width size D is medium wide and for women shoes sizes, the size B is considered a medium width.

The shoe width sizes are an important factor that is to be considered if you wish to purchase shoes that are highly comfortable to your feet and you don’t want to have your toes over one and another. Therefore for comfortable and healthy shoes, it is always advisable and important to buy shoes of the right width for your feet.

What Shoe Width Sizes Mean

Width of Shoes

Standard American shoe width sizes consist of nine unique sizes:

• AAA – Narrowest shoe width size

• AA – More Narrower

• A – Narrow Shoe width size

• B – Medium Width Size

• C – Average Shoe Width Size

• D – Medium size

• E – Wide shoe width Size

• EE – Much Wider Shoe width size

• EEE – Widest shoe width size

AAA < AA < A < B < C < D < E < EE < EEE


A Size Shoe Width

The Size A is further categorized into more sizes which have different variations of shoe width.

AAA shoe width size is the narrowest shoe width size among all, followed by AA shoes width size that is bit less narrow than AAA,

The size AA is followed by “A” size. A size is further less narrow than the AA size.

More Letter = More Narrow

(Narrowest) AAA < AA < A (Less Narrow)

B Size Shoe width

B Shoe Width Size is more towards the average shoe width range but is slightly narrower than normal width.

Narrower ↔ Wider

(Narrowest) AAA < AA < A < B (Less Narrow)


C Size Shoe width

Narrower ↔ Wider

(Narrowest) AAA < AA < A < B < C (Less Narrow / Moderate)

B Size is followed by Size C that is considered as Average or Normal Shoe width size.


D Size shoe width

Narrower ↔ Wider

(Narrowest) AAA < AA < A < B < C < D (Medium)

After Size C the Shoe width size D is placed, D shoe width Size is slightly towards the wider size but is considered medium wide as well.

The D-width shoe size is wider for women but for men, D Width size shoes are considered as medium width.

The D shoe width size has bottom of the ball towards foot separation of 3 inches to 5 inches across.

(D = Varies between range of 3 Inches – 5 Inches depending upon shoe sizes)

Men’s shoes size of 10D has a width of 4 inches from side to side.

Men’s shoes size of 14D has a width of 4.5 inches across the sides of the shoe.

E Shoe Width size (EEE, EE, E)

The E Size of width of shoe is generally much wider for women’s shoes sizes but E shoe width is wide size for men’s shoes sizes.

The E Shoe width size has bottom ball towards foot separation of 3.2 inches to 5.2 inches across. (E = Varies between range of 3.2 Inches – 5.2 Inches depending upon shoe sizes)

Men’s shoes size of 10E has a width of 4.2 inches across.Men’s shoes size of 14E has a width of 4.7 inches across the sides of the shoe.


EE Shoe Width

The EE shoe width has wider width in comparison to sizes E to AAA, the shoe width EE are not conventionally manufactured by most of shoe or footwear manufacturers as the shoe size EE wide are much wider for both men’s sizes and women’s shoe sizes.

The EE Shoe width has bottom ball to foot separation of 3.4 inches to 5.4 inches across.

(EE = Varies between range of 3.4 Inches – 5.4 Inches depending upon shoe sizes)

EEE shoe width size is the widest shoe width size among all.

Widest ↔ Wide

(Widest) EEE < EE < E (Less Wide)


THE FITIn order to get the perfect shoes as per the size of your feet, it is highly advisable to measure your feet’s length and also the width of your feet. Your toes shoe not be squeezed on the front and the feet should not feel confined or under pressure.

FEET SIZE CAN CHANGE (EVEN AFTER HEIGHT GROWTH STOPS)It is important to worth noting the fact that feet of humans can continue to grow even after the height growth stops; therefore always measure your feet while buying new footwear or shoes and do not rely on your previous or older measurements.


The multiple advantages of perfectly fitting and supporting shoes or footwear.

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