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ARMA Reforger game Leaks, Proofs, Release date and more…

czechia 4 February, 2022 11:23HRS

ARMA Reforger Confirmed, Proofs, Leaks from game, Release date and more

Some new updates regarding the famous military simulator game series ARMA. Arma Reforger is officially confirmed as few weeks ago details about the infusion engine were unveiled to an official website platform created for the Enfusion engine. The Enfusion engine is titled to power the future of the game development company that created the famous ARMA series of games, Bohemia Interactive.

Everybody is talking about the capabilities and technicalities of Bohemia Interactive’s Enfusion engine; but so far not much is said about how the brand new Enfusion Engine directly relates to the Arma Reforger.

Well, we wouldn't call it an assured confirmation anymore as when we are looking at something official by Bohemia Interactive themselves there are no clear statements, just clear hints only.

So what is ARMA Reforger?

Arma Reforger is a leaked and under-development Arma installment in the ARMA series of games that is speculated to be a test bed for the future upcoming Arma 4.

We came to the conclusion that Arma forger is in fact a remake of the first game in the ARMA series called Operation Flashpoint Cold war crisis also called the Arma Cold War Assault.

We'll begin with the most obvious and clear aspects which are the images of the terrain that is present in the new Enfusion engine’s website.

Looking into this valley instantly will remind any previous players memories of a very familiar view that they saw in the first game from the ARMA series Operation Flashpoint, Same terrain is what we see here, the valley we see here is the southeastern end of the island of Everon.

To be very precise this the very same valley we've seen in one of the leaked images earlier with the village of Everon.

On the Enfusion engine website we also have a video clip that shows a lonely village at the foot of a mountain, it would not take long for gamers to trace the location back to the first game, thanks to the shape of the shore line of this waterbody on this terrain.

The quality and effects of lighting is different as in new in-game screenshots lighting seems far better in comparison to the graphics from the original game. But of course but the general shape of the terrain is there and the lonely village present in this video is the exact same village of Regina.

There are interesting additions and modifications that are present for the terrain with the example of this road going zigzag now.

This is done to increase driving experience in the game. Well, perhaps the most revealing content that points to a remaster of the original Operation Flashpoint game is the short video clip that shows an in-game soldier getting inside a Ural truck.

We can see a player in this scene of game, dressed in a Swiss Alpine Alpenflage Camp which is a camouflage uniform.

The player is entering a soviet Ural truck which is parked on a road of in game territory that is very similar to what we've seen from the leaks from the game developing company, Bohemia Interactive.

Russian Ural truck or other Ural based vehicles are a classic throughout the Arma series.

However the Ural truck is not the important detail here that is relating to the first game in the series known as Operation Flashpoint. The detail we are focused on is the Alpenflage camouflage that was extensively and primarily used by the resistance or independent forces in Operation Flashpoint.

As we noticed the camouflage, it directly reminded gamers of the first game.

Additionally including the Soviet Ural trucks we can also notice on the website the classic four-wheeled SUV of Soviet era called the UAZ, The UAZ is for sure is a classic vehicle which was present in Operation Flashpoint.

UAZ is seen in multiple ARMA Reforger leaks and also in Operation flashpoint as well as the Arma 2.

Another interesting and noteworthy detail in this game scene is the blue car which looks like a classic blue sedan from Operation Flashpoint.

We can also see a very similar looking sedan car in yellow colour, which can be found in one of the grid collage pictures released by the gaming company Bohemia Interactive.

Furthermore we can see a model of a soldier which is exactly same as the American soldier from the Cold War era of the 1980s.

The U.S. Soldiers from the 1980s are seen in both Arma Reforger and Operation Flashpoint.Multiple other photos and screenshots from the game’s terrain that are present on the Enfusion engine website don’t relate or connect much to the original first game Operation Flashpoint, as there was no such terrain, complexes, features or landmarks present in the first game as to what we see in these photos, that clearly means the game development teams are onto something more than just the Arma Reforger.

These in-game terrain screenshots might be taken from their larger future project that will be the continuation of the Arma Series, that is most possibly of course the long awaited Arma 4.

Recently in 2021, the title Arma Reforger was supposed to be released. As 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of the release of the original and first game in the series, Operation Flashpoint.

The leaker from the game development team of Bohemia Interactive who was first to leak details about the Arma Reforger did indeed post a tweet earlier saying that - “Milestone missed delayed to 2022.”

That can somewhat confirm that Arma Reforger was supposed to release somewhere in 2021, therefore successfully coming out for the gamers on steam close the date marking the 20th anniversary of the first Arma game Operation Arrowhead.But due to some reasons, possibly technical and test phase difficulties, the game got delayed to the year of 2022.

As per the leaks and chatter, the Arma Reforger will not be an entire remaster of Operation Flashpoint milsim game, but most probably Arma Reforger will be just a tribute or a demonstration and mass user testing for the capabilities of the Enfusion engine with Arma Cold War crisis as a dev team.

In the official website of the Enfusion Engine, Behimia Interactive team has officiallyanswered the question-

Q: When will Enfusion be released?

Answer: “We (Bohemia Interactive) are going to make it (Enfusion Engine) available as soon as we have a solid gameplay that can showcase and demonstrate the Enfusion engine's abilities”

Apparently the by the demonstration of Enfusion Engine they mention the game ArmA Reforger, that’s so far all FN has about Bohemia Interactive’s future game title ArmA Reforger for now, but all of it is officially straight from Bohemia themselves in someway or another.

ARMA REFORGER Confirmation and strong leak:

The single most solid confirmation to the develpopment of Arma Reforger is the following trademark of the title "ArmA Reforger" that is filed by the game development company Bohemia Interactive.

It is now confirmed that Bohemia Interactive has files a trademark for the future release game title ArmA Reforger.


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