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Arma Reforger - Release before Arma 4, Cold War throwback game made on Enfusion Engine

japan 21 February, 2022 18:49HRS

Arma Reforger - release before Arma 4, cold war based throwback game made to test new Enfusion Engine

Arma Reforger leak

A leaker from Bohemia Interactive has stated on the internet (Twitter) multiple times that a new Arma game is under planning and development that is constantly being called "Arma Reforger". The leaker who is revealing all this information is well known in the Arma community. The New Arma game which is called Arma Reforger is set and basically confirmed to work and run on the Bohemia Interactive' s New Enfusion Engine that is yet to be tested on a user level.

To clarify to gamers, Arma Reforger is not Arma 4. Arma Reforger is set and developed by the Bohemia Interactive game development company as a throwback game based on the first Arma game that was called " operation flashpoint".

It's been eight years since the gamers of the ARMA community have been waiting for a new game release in the ARMA game series that is the most famous and successful mil-sim military simulation gaming franchise.

The latest updates in all of this are made by the same renowned and reliable Bohemia interactive gaming company leaker on Twitter who goes by the Twitter handle of @biosphere999.

The alleged gaming leaker @biosphere999 has shared legitimate screenshots ofGame and elements of terrain that are under development. The photos and information that @biosphere999 shared also includes screenshots and photos of work in progress gameArma: Reforger.

Now we will further dive into details that suggest it is the real deal and not just a hoax, so let's explore what details and intelligence is suggesting that these leaks are real.

The leaks made are focused on Arma (4) Reforger, which is the next game in the series of Arma franchise.

What Bohemia Interactive nor to say on Arma 4 or Arma Reforger.

Arma 3 is still selling well, and game players have almost no reason to whine about the lack of new content in the game. Still it's been 7 since the release of Arma 3 and any other new game from Bohemia Interactive so it is vitally a peak time for the next installment of game series to be released.

The game development company that gave the gaming community one of the most popular and successful military simulator experience by developing and releasing the Arma seriesOf games and also extremely popular DayZ Gomes, Bohemia Interactive has to say aboutArma Reforger and Arma 4. The gaming studio and firm Bohemia Interactive officially released and announced to the public full details about the near gaming engine that they developing in-house, Enfusion Engine.

Bohemia Interactive says that ARMA 4 or New game from Bohemia Interactive Bi will not be released until this new Enfusion Engine is fully sadly and tested, confirming that the gaming company is focused and determined to create all new and upcoming games on their new Enfusion Engine.

Arma Enfusion

To test the new Enfusion Engine on a full scale, Bohemia Interactive will create and launch a test game to the public that will not be flagship game like Arma 4 but will have almost all features that Arma 4 or any future game from Bi will have. Therefore Arma: Reforger is under development to serve as a test base for the new graphics Enfusion Engine. As per the Leaker @biosphere999, Arma Reforger will not be as large as Arma 3 or ARMA4 and will have limited, Arma Reforger will also be less complex and might only offer multiplayer and there might not be a singleplayer or storyline game experience.

What is Enfusion Engine?

The gaming studio and firm Bohemia Interactive officially released and announced to the public full details about the near gaming engine that they developing in-house, Enfusion Engine. Enfusion Engine is an Advanced gaming Engine that is in-house developed by Bohemia interactive and focuses on better in-game graphics, larger game terrains, and overall better functioning of weather and environment inside the game.

The game Engine will also support advance graphics and realistic dynamic lighting to provide gamers with photo-realistic gaming experience.

All details about Enfusion Engine are provided in this article READ: ARMA Reforger game Leaks, Proofs, Release date and more

and also on the official Enfusion Engine website that is provided by Bohemia Interactive themselves.

ARMA Reforger Screenshots and in-development leak Photos

As per the latest Leaks, the new Arma Reforger game will most probably will be a tactical team shooter based on Arma 3 and will have features from the future Arma games as well as advanced graphics.

Therefore we can say almost certainly that Arma: Reforger will not be the full-scale Arma 4 itself. As per the leaks made by the leakers @biosphere999, Arma 4 will not be released until 2025.

The new Arma Reforger game will probably not be about mainly on only multiplayer maps bared gameplay, but Arma Reforger will be the good old real Arma gameplay. This time as the new game Arma Reforger is developed on the new Enfusion Engine, it will be also released on gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox as well, this might suggest a probability of the idea for shallower gameplay as there will be less key bindings and the tactical shooter game might not be soo very realistic like before.

There will definitely should be modding, and editing or creation of New game types or missions inside the game itself but that is likely limited to pc gamers.

Recently, @Biostiel who is a well-known insider and leaker and claiming to work at Bohemia Interactive as a full-time employee; has deleted his account and probably made a new account, however, the info and entries he made home been disregarded so far by other users including @Mrdisposeableusername and the internet in general.

Proof that Arma Reforger is real

Relatively reliable leaker @biosphere999. Leaker previously was right about Arma & DayZ.

Screenshots that clearly show multiple pre-existing Arma assets that were used in Arma games before.

Multiple images and Photos that are taken from a PC monitor are showing the real and current workspace of the Enfusion engine that is developed by Bohemia Interactive.

Arma Reforger will surely be a smart decision by the developers at Bohemia Interactive.

Bohemia Interactive has been working on the development of an unannounced title game since some time

Images are Shared on Twitter by a Bohemia interactive employee who goes by handle of @biostiel

These screenshots and photos show that Bohemia Interactive is working on a new Arma game that is developed on the New Enfusion Engine

Analyzing photos will also give us some more clues on what the game will most likely be about. 2-4 hours after the tweet was posted, this tweet was taken down by the user for some reason.

Images from the leaker showing probable coop game CTI.

Arma Reforger Xbox

This image points in the direction that BI is going to abandon the steam platform and the Arma Reforger game will later be coming to gaming consoles like Xbox and PS5 as well.

Prior also suggesting that Modding Will be a feature in the game, the same is officially backed up and proven by Bohemia Interactive through their Enfusion Engine website officially.

Arma Reforger 2022

@Biostiel has mentioned in his tweets that Arma Reforger is related to infamous Reforger exercises that were conducted by NATO nations during the Cold War crisis.

The new Arma Game aka. ARMA: Reforger will also be released to Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation as soon as game gets Sony certification and obviously Arma Reforger will be on PC for sure.

ARMA Reforger release date

Recently in 2021, the title Arma Reforger was supposed to be released. As 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of the release of the original and first game in the series, Operation Flashpoint.

The leaker from the game development team of Bohemia Interactive who was first to leak details about the Arma Reforger did indeed post a tweet earlier saying that - “Milestone missed delayed to 2022.”

That can somewhat confirm that Arma Reforger was supposed to release somewhere in 2021, therefore successfully coming out for the gamers on steam close the date marking the 20th anniversary of the first Arma game Operation Arrowhead. But due to some reasons, possibly technical and test phase difficulties, the game got delayed to the year 2022.

As per the leaks and chatter, the Arma Reforger will not be an entire remaster of Operation Flashpoint MilSim game, but most probably Arma Reforger will be just a tribute or a demonstration and mass user testing for the capabilities of the Enfusion engine with Arma Cold War crisis as a dev team.

Arma Reforger Trademark

The single most solid confirmation to the development of Arma Reforger is the following trademark of the title "ArmA Reforger" that is filed by the game development company Bohemia Interactive.

It is now confirmed that Bohemia Interactive has filed a trademark for the future release game title ArmA Reforger.

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